Snoop Lion Releases Cameraphone App For the Saddest of Human Beings


Ready to collectively groan? Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) has decided that it’s time for him to cash in on the photography business. In order to do that, he made an app: and called it Snoopify. No, it doesn’t involve Snoopy. But what it does is gives you filters and layovers (stickers) to make you look like his own vision of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Then the user can share the images to their favorite social media network to show all their friends how big of a tool they are. Some of the stickers are hilariously stereotypical.

The app comes with a selection of stickers for free, while supplemental packs will cost you $1 a piece. You can download Snoopify for free on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. But check out some of the sample images below.

Via Petapixel

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