Review: Ricoh GR


The Ricoh GR is the latest in the long and illustrious line of GR compact cameras. Some have been calling it the GRD V as it is succeeding the GRD IV, but the reality is that this is far more than a simple model upgrade from the previous camera. This is an entirely new animal all together. Pentax – Ricoh was kind enough to supply me with a GR to take on my international trip throughout the Mediterranean so I could come back with a complete and thorough experience to share with you all. This is a strictly hands-on 2000+ frame user experience review and not one that will be plastered with test charts, brick walls and MTF graphs. Undoubtedly you have seen some or all of the reviews that have been shared thus far, but this review was my mission to find out how the Ricoh GR handles the real world as an everyday and travel camera. Head on past the break for my journey with the Ricoh GR.

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