Review: Heavy Leather NYC Wax Slingshot Camera Strap

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Heavy Leather NYC Wax Slingshot straps (10 of 11)ISO 2001-125 sec

Heavy Leather NYC camera straps are built with a modern, punk rock edge to them that clashes a bit with the vintage aesthetics that most strap manufacturers seem to embody with their products today. However, Heavy Leather NYC still sticks to the handmade philosophy and as a result delivers very well made and beautiful straps that will appeal to a specific customer. They’ve got experience in making guitar straps; which are often heavier than cameras.

Earlier this year, the company introduced a new sling strap similar to what BlackRapid makes. However, these straps use waxed canvas and are far better looking. They’re called the Slingshot straps, and they’re available in Olive Green, Charcoal and Tan version for a pretty affordable $85 considering what you’re getting.

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