Photographer Carmen Yahchouchy Visits Your World as You Sleep

All images by Carmen Yahchouchy. Used with permission.

“I was only a visitor to their ‘safe’ space, and they were eager to go back to ‘dreaming’ as well,” says photographer Carmen Yahchouchy. Carmen has an inquisitive mind. A tremendously intelligent photographer, she communicates her view of the world through compelling visual storytelling, as we see in her series, Vulnerable Visits. On a much deeper level, the place in which we rest can be something sacred, and Yahchouchy recognizes that. She took something as simple as men sleeping and turned it into an exploration of anxiety, dreams, and vulnerability. The work is simple in execution, but complex in its meaning – naturally, we found this intriguing.

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Jonathan May Imagines the Adventures of a Sleepwalker in THE SOMNAMBULANT

All images by Jonathan May. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

We’ve seen the kind of visual narratives that the night inspires, whether it’s a town’s vibrant alter-ego, a city’s pervading darkness, or the slow celestial dance of the night sky. In yet another stirring tale, set in the ungodly hours of nighttime, Sydney-based photographer Jonathan May invites us to join him as he follows the journey of a sleepwalker named Yuri.

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Boosting Your Creativity as a Photographer Through Self Care

As a creative, I’ve grown to be protective of my ability to actually be creative. Did you know the human mind can experience decision fatigue? Some sources cite that the average adult makes around 35,000 decisions a day. This means at some point during the day we can literally grow weary of making decisions that serve us well. Often ordering a coffee in the morning uses up dozens of those decisions. In fact, most of us use almost 300 decisions just around food. Even more often we make our worst decisions at night, whether it is with wine, ice cream, snacks, etc. It is useful to establish habits that reserve as many decisions as possible to be used on the important creative decisions we will make as artists.

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