On the Myth of the Leica Photographer Who Doesn’t Have a Ton of Money

Despite how folks like to jeer at Leica photographers on the web, you don’t have to be rich to own one.

I bought my first Leica camera when I was in college, and I wasn’t rich. I then sold it because I needed the money, and only in my 30s did I really start buying into their cameras again. But, I’m not rich. I purchased used cameras. I bought film cameras. I bought third party lenses. The system is easy to get into if you just go third party or used sometimes. Sure, there’s the idea and the pride with having the Leica badge on your camera. But if you’re passionate about the cameras and photography, then the badge won’t mean a thing to you. Why you’d buy a Leica in the first place isn’t all about the tech, it’s all about you.

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