Joel Tjintjelaar: Shooting Black and White Photos With the Phase One 100MP IQ3 Achromatic Back

All images by Joel Tjintjelaar. Used with permission.

In many ways, Photographer Joel Tjintjelaar is “photographer’s photographer.” He shoots beautiful long exposure black and white images, street photography, landscapes, still lifes, etc. He’s creative while also blending in elements of capturing a scene though while still putting his own signature perspective on it. Joel coins himself as a fine art architecture photographer specializing in black and white long exposure photography, but he’s also an author and educator who teaches workshops on black and white and fine art photography, architectural photography and long exposure photography, around the world. He has developed his own signature method of post processing that has been adopted by many of his many followers around the world, to not only create beauty but also communicate emotions.

In fact, he attributes his method more to large format photography than anything else.

Editor’s Note: All images in this interview were shot with the new Phase One IQ3 Achromatic Medium Format camera back.

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