Samsung Introduces Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear

At a press conference held at IFA in Berlin, Germany, Samsung today announced three highly anticipated new Galaxy mobile devices: the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, the Galaxy Note 3 Android smartphone (or “phablet” or whatever term you prefer), and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Android tablet. While the Galaxy Gear is more of an accessory that complements your existing smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3 continues the Galaxy Note smartphone series with updated specs, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 receives a major overhaul in form of the 2014 Edition, now sporting a super hi-res screen and an octa-core processor. All the details after the break.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Mega is Basically The S4 But Slightly More Mega



When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4, we fell in love with its beautiful display, super fast functionality and the way it felt. But Samsung though to themselves that they needed to go bigger with the new Samsung Galaxy Mega. The Mega has a 720×1280 6.3 inch display and has lots of the features that the S4 has such as Air View, Multitasking windows, Easy Mode for the iPhone user that crossed over to the dark side and more. And by the way, that screen won awards for being able to display 97% of the AdobeRGB Color Gamut.

It still has the same 8MP camera that the S4 has as well–which completely blew our minds.

But at the same time, even we have to admit that taking a picture with this thing might be like holding up an iPad Mini to take photos–let alone holding up to your ear to make a call. However, we have yet to fondle one–but phablets and tablets can both feel that way.

The Galaxy Mega comes in Nova Black and Polaris White color options and will be available beginning this month. AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular will carry the device – each carrier will announce their specific availability, colors and timing.