Perverts Allegedly Using GoPro Cameras at Conventions For a Sneaky Peek


Every year, most of the Phoblographer staff and I go to Comic Con. It’s awesome, it’s fun, and it’s something that I’ve been doing for years since I was a gaming journalist (vs a photography journalist.) And so at Comic Con, we are quite aware of the loads of sexy dressed nerds and the perverts around them. E3–the largest gaming convention, is subject to even more of these pervs.

Eveil has found videos of men walking around the convention floor asking for hugs–but with GoPro cameras strapped to their chest to get a very intimate point of view when going in for a hug. They claim that the videos belong to EMC Monkeys, but at the moment the videos are nowhere to be found on their YouTube channel. Further research onto ForeFront shows that they are indeed the guys behind this. The videos have since been made private.

Will this be a new trend for perverts? Using a GoPro’s small size to get sneaky peeks? That surely must not be pleasing all the folks who use them creatively.