Thoughts On Introverted Personalities and Photography

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According to, the word Introvert means:

a person characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings.”

Which brings us to a subject that I’ve been discussing back and forth with many photographers for months before I even sat down to pen this piece. It’s about introversion and being a photographer, painter, or any sort of artist to begin with. Introverts are very much concerned with themselves and in many cases, their social behaviors can either be all about them or there can be a big lack of social behavior. With the growth and development of the web, introversion has also become even more widespread.

An introverted photographer shoots for themselves: they don’t think or care about what a client wants, they shoot for what they want. A hobbyist photographer that is totally fine taking photos of flowers, cats, or shooting nudes is a perfectly fine person to be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being introverted and being all about just you. But with that said, the person is so absorbed in what they’re doing that they start to care less and less about others and only about furthering their own ambitions.

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