How to Not Be a Creepy Photographer

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There are photographers in this world that have forever been branded as being creepy. We’re not talking about Terry Richardson (at least not necessarily). Rather, there are much smaller names out there that tend to give the photographic arts a bad name. They’re not necessarily street photographers, or portrait photographers that try to sleep with their subjects, but instead they’re those who have ill intentions. While you may not be that way, it’s simple for any one of us to come across this way and the biggest way to prevent this from happening is also a photographer’s biggest strength.

More than being able to come up with cool and crafty ideas is the fact that a photographer can have people skills. While there are some incredible photographers out there with no people skills, we have to admit that life may be tougher for them in certain situations. People skills as a photographer need to be combined with having respect for your subject and your own image as a photographer in order to truly be effective.

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On the Importance of a Photographer’s People Skills

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There are times where I hear horror stories from other photographers who fail and are crushed by interactions with other people when it comes to their photography. What are these interactions? Appealing to editors, trying to get paying clients, asking someone to take a picture of them, collaborating with another photographer, wanting to learn from another photographer, etc. It’s devastating for sure, but it will only be disheartening if you look at it the same way and approach each situation in the same way.

Consider this: approach every single interaction about your photography like a job offer, but do this within reason.

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On the Intimidation Factor of Bigger Cameras

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A37 review Mermaid Day Parade (9 of 17)ISO 100_PerfectlyClear_0001

“You’ve got a great camera and it takes awesome images.”

A person I met yesterday happened to say this to me; and I retorted with the fact that when you go to a restaurant you only get the quality of food that you eat because of the oven. In some cases that’s true such as with a clay oven or brick oven, but in other cases it’s purely non-sense.

At another point in the day (I was at the Mermaid Day Parade here in Brooklyn) another friend told me that the reason why people were so obliging to have their portrait taken was because of my camera. At the moment, I was using a Nikon D810; but I assured him that it’s absolute non-sense.

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