The Story of the Rare $10,000 Golden Pentax LX Camera

The Pentax LX was a really cool camera, and it comes in gold!

We try to find really, really cool things here on The Phoblographer. Our Vintage series is all about that. And the latest search bore quite a bit of fruit. At the same time, it’s also the ultimate paradox. We can all agree that this is a camera you’d never want to bring outside with you. Instead, it would stay in a safe or under some thick glass. But if you know anything about the Pentax LX, you’d wonder why they did this. Another part of your brain might lust for it.

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Popular Pentax Film Cameras Every Pentaxian Collection Should Have

If you consider yourself a true blue Pentaxian, you absolutely need these popular Pentax film cameras gracing your shelves.

With Pentax just having turned 100, we placed the spotlight on some of the company’s classic medium format cameras, rivaled only by a handful of competitors. Among the most popular of these are the Pentax 67 and the Pentax 645, which are also on our favorite 67 format and 645 format cameras. We decided to do a quick follow-up on those features with a rundown of other popular Pentax film cameras that should never go missing in a true blue Pentaxian’s collection. If you’re still building your own, this guide should be useful to you!

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