Pentax: Two Years Ago, You Got it Really, Really Wrong

Back in 2019, Ricoh believed that some folks would leave mirrorless cameras and return to DSLRs.

I know that Pentax fans and readers will be furious. But people come to this website because we often voice our informed opinions. In this case, Ricoh seriously messed up. We can start with how they haven’t created a mirrorless camera and continue to produce DSLRs. But we’re choosing to hit home on an article from a few years ago. Further, I wish and hope that Ricoh Pentax finally wakes up and realizes a major problem that they can fix.

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You’ll Have Lucid Dreams About This Wonderful Pentax Camera

I think creating another Pentax mirrorless camera would be pretty easy for them to do.

I’m about to propose an idea that’s positively insane. First off, it involves Pentax. They’re a camera company with an incredibly rich history. If you’re a film shooter, you probably swear by your Pentax 67. And currently, they’re choosing to simply stick to DSLRs. Why? I’m not sure. Gear Editor Brett Day I know still likes his Pentax DSLRs. But I’m visually impaired and have been long over them. Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis still owns a Nikon DSLR. Overall, there’s a minority of folks who still like them. However, I think that Pentax gave up prematurely on mirrorless cameras. Their last solid entry was the Pentax K-01. It was oddly received at the time with its APS-C sensor inside a K-mount body. We liked it back in the day, according to our review. I believe it’s time for Pentax to bring it back.

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