Four Fantastic Backpacks for Photographers Living in Cities

The backpack: it’s a beautiful piece of gear most photographers need or want. While some backpacks work great, others aren’t so great overall. If you’re in a city, you often need a backpack that works well, can carry a fair amount of gear, is versatile, and doesn’t really break the bank. So we dove into our reviews index to round up a number of our favorite backpacks for photographers.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Tote Camera Bag

When Peak Design announced their new updates to the Everyday Bag lineup, I was incredibly cautious. Sure, we’re a news website and we’ll report on it–but there was a major problem that I had with the Everyday Messenger bag. Then the review unit request came in and I called in the Peak Design Everyday Tote. “There’s no way they can screw up a tote bag,” I thought to myself knowing just how much work goes into their products. But indeed, very few manufacturers have made totes targeted at photographers.

Thankfully, Peak Design really did a truly fantastic job here that I think is worthy of even more praise than the Everyday Messenger bag has. The Tote goes from tote bag to backpack with ease, allows for quick access where you need it and provides the photographer with a lot of versatility. In many ways, this is a perfect bag; but it’s also not the most attractive.

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