We are All PAWNs for Embracing Mirrorless Cameras, Shame on Us!

This post is being sent via telegram to an office that will fax it to an intern. Stop. The intern will then transcribe the post onto the blog. Stop.

I’m very well aware that we often say that the DSLR is dead. Though Gear Editor Brett Day still owns one, I’ll stick to my policy and the site’s policies. Are we saying that DSLRs are bad cameras? No. But instead, this policy is prioritized on focusing the site and gearing us up for the future. And we’re not the only ones saying this. Canon has declared that they’ll no longer work on other EF mount lenses unless there is enough demand. Sony doesn’t really care much about the A-mount anymore. Olympus gave up on Four Thirds mount properly a long time ago in favor of Micro Four Thirds. And Nikon is still the only one really pushing ahead. And then, you know, there’s Pentax catering to the folks who desperately still cling to DSLRs. Let’s take the motivation for this blog post, for example.

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