Paul van Bueren: Classic Cool Large Format Analog Portraits


Modern Fifties: Waiting Model: Elena MUA + Styling on set: Ingeborg Soolsma Wardrope Styling: Paulien Suykerbuyk Cambo SC-1 Kodak Portra 160 NC 4×5″

All images by Paul van Bueren. Used with permission.

The thing about film is that the small format stuff is cheap, easy to use, and can give you really beautiful results in the right hands–but photographers like Paul van Bueren show that it’s the large format photographers that are the real masters here. I found his work on Behance, and immediately became smitten with his telling portraits of people. I was further enthused to learn that they’re all done with analog cameras; and that Paul thoroughly enjoys the organic process involved in creating the images he does.

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