Paul Stone: A Photographer in His Own World

All images by Paul Stone. Used with permission.

Photographer Paul Stone tells us that he draws inspiration from David Bailey, WIlliam Eggleston and Elliot Erwitt. Though when you look at his work, you’ll probably end up scratching your head wondering how and why. All three of those photographers are famous for their ability to photograph people; but Paul Stone shoots a lot of Urban Geometry–looking for shapes in the world as he goes about it. To that end, he actually even says that he finds a lot of inspiration in himself.

“I’m inspired by me actually!” Mr. Stone explains. “My thoughts, my vision, my enthusiasm for documenting in what I feel is an interesting way.” He continued by stating that he visualizes more than he thinks or listens–which essentially means that he’s always in his own world. To that end, he finds image taking therapeutic and states that he’d go insane otherwise.

Mr. Stone’s work conveys a sense of emptiness in the scenes he photographs. His use of tones and the way that he captures light works in an effective way that surely makes subjects stand out from the rest of the scenes. The work has a sense of simplicity to it, but when you think about it on a deeper, technical level, it sometimes isn’t.


“The moment I made a black and white inkjet portrait on an old Epson 1290 was a big moment for me because of it was incontrovertible proof of how beautiful and how soulfully intimate a black and white photograph could be.”

“I’m currently using an Olympus Trip and a Contax aria for their simplicity, ergonomical delights and clear, immersive viewfinders. My vision is to render something memorable by being in the right time and the right place and doing justice to the composition and honouring the subject.”