Paul Kohlhausen’s 3D Printed K-Pan Shoots 6×14 Negatives; Now on Kickstarter

A while ago, we broke the story about Paul Kohlhausen and his K-Pan camera that he 3D printed to shoot 6×14 medium format negative photos. Back then, he was still playing with the idea of putting it on Kickstarter. Lucky for you all, he’s done it and photographers will be able to hook up their very own K-Pan and 4×5 camera lenses to shoot medium format panoramic photos. Photographers who back this idea and project are rewarded with a ton of goodies not only including the camera, but also rolls of film and a swanky tote bag.

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This Custom Made 3D Printed Camera Shoots 6×14 Medium Format Negatives

All images by Paul Kohlhausen. Used with permission.

“You’re spot on, it’s essentially just a really precisely engineered box.” says photographer Paul Kohlhausen who built a very special medium format camera using 3D printed materials. “…Knowing that the image doesn’t just consist of 1’s and 0’s lends it a depth and artistic quality that’s difficult to put into words.” Paul has loved analog film and photography for a really long time; but beyond just being technical about photos, he’s very technical when it comes to design. So much so that he designed his own special medium format camera that shoots 6×14 images using a large format camera lens.

The results: Very impressive!

For more of Paul’s work I STRONGLY encourage you to check out his Instagram, his analog Instagram, and his website.

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