6 Examples of the Creative Possibilities with Instant Film (NSFW)

Instant film is the perfect combination of attitudes new and old. It has the classic film vibe while offering the instant gratification today’s society demands. Instant film cameras are awesome ice breakers too. They’re cool for parties, and everyone wants to hang with the person who owns one. However, one shouldn’t confuse them as being merely a gimmick. Photographers have been known to make remarkable work with instants. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

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Paul Hoi Used a Mamiya RZ67 and Expired Polaroids for These Surreal Landscapes

All images by Paul Hoi. Used with permission.

Traveling with film of all kinds and formats has become increasingly popular these days, and we all have the analog resurgence to thank for it. Instant films are now among the staples of traveling film photographers, and some would even be keen on experimenting with what expired Polaroid films are still out there. The results, as experimental landscape photographer Paul Hoi found out four years ago, can be rewarding.

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