Patricia Dinu: The Desert of Souls


All images by Patricia Dinu. Used with permission.

Years ago, ancient shamans used to make claims of communicating with the land and translating its tongue into a language that most of us humans could understands–and that’s sort of what Patricia Dinu has tried to do with her landscape photography.

I found “The Desert of Souls” on Fotofund, and immediately fell in love with her work. She lives in Milano, Italy and says that she “lost her heart and soul in America’s deserts of the Southwest.” You see, Patricia at first tried to be a model, but instead switched to the other side of the camera. Good thing too–she’s the creator of some of the absolute most jaw dropping black and white landscape photography I think I’ve ever seen.

“The Desert of Souls is a research and a personal interpretation of these unique landscapes.” Patricia tells the Phoblographer.

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