Dear Fujifilm, Please Make a Beautiful Brass Camera

Dear Fujifilm, I think we can all collectively agree that when it comes to retro ergonomics and modern tech, you’re the undisputed leader. The Fujifilm X Pro 3 gives us all those great rangefinder aesthetics, a titanium body, and a coating that’s difficult to scratch. But why not lean more into it? Why not go back to brass and give us the cameras that we’ll be proud to display for years to come? Just imagine how great a brass camera could be!

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You Need This Stunning Gray Leica M4 with Patina in Your Life

The Leica M4 in gray is cool enough but look at those gorgeous brass patina accents.

Gray cameras have always been positively stunning to me. And this Leica M4 is no exception. That camera is already experiencing a price boost because of its reliability. But this is just the cherry on top. Before writing this post, we did some research to see if this is a rare special edition. The only rare versions of the Leica M4 were in Olive green and made for the German military. And so this camera is a one of a kind, custom build. With that said, it’s positively stunning.

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