500px and EyeEm Among Websites With Stolen Account Details

Now would be a great time to change all your passwords if you’re on 500px, EyeEm, and other websites reported to have been hacked.

We’re still pretty much fresh into 2019 but there’s already a major reason to stay vigilant over your online accounts. Some 620 million accounts from 16 websites have been compromised in a recent data breach, according to a report by The Register. These include photography websites 500px and EyeEm. If you’re on any of these platforms, we strongly suggest you change your passwords now, if you haven’t yet.

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Lookout Mobile Security Now Warning Their Customers About Adobe Security Breach

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As if Facebook wasn’t enough to give warnings to their users about the Adobe hack, Lookout (a security app for mobile phones) is now sending out emails to their users. The company is urging their customers to head over to Adobe’s website and change their passwords. In all honesty, even if you haven’t received emails from anyone about the hack, then you should probably still head on over to Adobe’s website and change your password anyway.

Lookout created a blog post to give users a heads up on how to create more intricate passwords.

We’re not sure how massive the hack might be for sure even though the numbers right now are projected at 150 million; but that number grew from the initial estimate.

Massive Adobe Hack is Now Affecting Facebook Users


Update: it’s now going mobile.

Not long ago, Adobe issued a warning that their systems were hacked. The number of the users who were hacked was originally projected at 3 million and then grew to a 38 million. Now, apparently users who use their Facebook login info to log into Adobe’s services are being issued with warnings that they should probably change their password–which essentially means that both accounts have been compromised because they use the same login information. Facebook has been monitoring this and issued warnings to lots of their users.

If you’re one of those folks, we strongly recommend that you start changing your passwords.

Despite the massive hack, CNN is reporting that the company’s stock is just fine. In fact, it’s up.

Via Digital Trends and Krebs on Security