A7’s New Straps Are Drop Dead Gorgeous


There are very few times that a camera strap makes me stop and literally drool, but…what the hell am I saying, straps are beautiful. And you should own ALL THE STRAPS!

But in all seriousness, A7 has released a couple of brand new straps targeted at the city dweller–and holy crap are they gorgeous. There are three brand new straps with one being updated. The Lincoln strap has been given a bit of a facelift to include adjustable buckles. The strap is still made from vegetable tanned leather and is designed for small to medium rigs. You’ll be able to snag one in Black, Tan or Chocolate.

The new straps are the Morgan, Porter, and the Parkway. The Morgan is similar to the Lincoln but has a more secure buckle system for more hefty camera setups. The Parkway is designed for smaller cameras and maintains the company’s use of vegetable tanned leather. Specifically, our reps tell us that, “It has vegetable tanned leather upper backed with suede and has nylon ends.”

Lastly is the Porter. This strap is a brand new design and the company is also saying that it is made with brand new materials. According to them, “Comes with a canvas upper backed with suede and has vegetable tanned leather ends. The Buckle system is similar to the Morgan so can be used for bigger setups.”

More images are after the jump. The straps, as always, are made in America and will probably cost you a pretty penny. But man, are they worth it for the discerning photographer. Prices can be seen at A7’s website.

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