This is What a Well Worn Nikon F3 Looks Like


All images by Parker Roan. Used with pemission.

Photographer Parker Roan runs the Used Sales Dept and eBay at Precision Camera in Texas, and recently shared photos of a well worn Nikon F3 that he owns. When he first got into photography, he bought a kit, went to YouTube to learn and started shooting full time within 5 months. But it burned him out–until he scored himself a film camera.

“It made me slow down and just enjoy it. Even now I still just shoot for myself and mostly film, so I kind of went backwards than most when it comes to digital, film and business.” Parker tells the Phoblographer. “The Nikon F3–I have always loved anything faded, worn or old. So when I found out the F3 did it, I had to have one.” To Parker’s delight, his co-workers got him one for Christmas and they went ahead and sanded it all the way down.

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