When Tragedy Struck, Jared Phelps Tried Photography to Heal Better

“Photography helps me a little because I get to capture those moments and take myself back to them whenever I want,” says photographer Jared Phelps about how turning to photography has helped him cope with a tragedy. Being unexpectedly gifted a camera a few days after his father passed away helped overcome this loss immensely. We spoke to him about how he finds his way back to normality by looking through the lens of his Fujifilm X-T4.

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Sadie Catt Explores the Intricacies of Motherhood for Female Photographers

All images by Sadie Catt. Used with permission.

While Brighton-based documentary photographer Sadie Catt was still taking her university studies in photography last year, she began to wonder what her future would be like as a photographer, a woman, and a mother. It became the driving force for a project she embarked on to find out, straight from women photographers who also became mothers themselves, what it’s like to be all three, and what challenges they need to overcome. While it was born out of a personal curiosity, Mothers in Photography turned out to be an eye-opener about how women, in this day and age, still still have to worry about the implications of motherhood in their chosen careers.

In this interview, we asked Catt to tell us more about the beginnings and motivations of her documentary project, the memorable encounters and stories she came across so far, and how portraiture became the vehicle for Mothers in Photography.

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