The ParaShoot Life-Logging Wearable Camera is Now Available for Pre-Order

ParaShoot 2.0

We recently reported about the ParaShoot life-logging wearable camera Kickstarter, and now the item is finally available for pre-order. The ParaShoot itself is merely a container holding the camera and circuitry, but the interesting thing about it is that its looks can be customized to your liking. Bundled with the ParaShoot app, your smartphone will act as the viewfinder and remote control. Having doubled the original funding goal of US-$ 30k by now, the ParaShoot has reached version 2.0 and can be pre-ordered for as little as US-$ 149 as long as the option lasts on Kickstarter. Afterwards, the ParaShoot’s retail price will be US-$ 269.

As for tech specs, the ParaShoot records 720/30p HD video with a 100° angle-of-view, runs on a 700 mAh battery and weighs as little as 1.3 oz. It stores photos and videos on a microSD card and features both WiFi and USB connectivity.

ParaShoot is a Kickstarter for One of These New Life-Logging Thingies That Make You Somewhat a Creep

ParaShoot Wearable Life-Logging HD Camera

Heard of life-logging yet? It’s the latest thing where you wear a tiny camera around your neck and record everything that’s going on in your life. Sounds creepy to you? Well, that’s because it is. But apparently that doesn’t stop people from creating new life-logging products, such as the new ParaShoot camera which is currently on Kickstarter. It’s a wearable HD camera that can be optically customized, offers social sharing and promises long battery life.

The Kickstarter campaign is running through July 23rd and can be backed with as little as US-$ 1, while backing it with at least $ 120 will gain you a ParaShoot camera. For more info on the camera’s specs as well as background info about the project, head over to the Kickstarter page.