KickStarter Campaign Aims to Shoot Artistic Nudes on Rare 20×24 Polaroid Film (NSFW)


Artistic nudes are wonderful when done correctly; and a Kickstarter project that has been around for a bit is aiming to make the stakes even higher. Jeff Enlow is the News Photo Editor at Corbis, and he is aiming to do an artistic project that will be very tough to pull off. Firstly, he’s trying to shoot artistic nudes that look like paintings. If the vision behind that isn’t enough, then consider the fact that he wants to do this with the massive 20×24 Polaroid camera–which we’ve previously featured on the site. That means that in order to get anything in focus, he’ll need to shoot long exposures and stop down to a very small f stop (think maybe in the hundreds or two hundreds) or have extremely bright lights.

The project is called Parallelograms, and is halfway through the time frame but still needs more funding in order for the project to happen. The funding will be used for production costs like paying models and assistants, plus trying to acquire the super rare film.

That and there are lots of thank you gifts that Jeff will give away with enough funding. Check out the video after the jump.

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