What’s Going on With the Galaxy HyperSpeed 120 Positive Papers?

We’ve been speaking with Galaxy Papers on and off for the past year

The folks over at Galaxy aren’t at all the largest company in the photo industry; but the products that they make are pretty well regarded. A while back both The Phoblographer and Petapixel helped them launch their large format direct positive paper with our massive combined reach–and they put our logos on the boxes as a thank you. Since then they’ve done two other projects, one on Glass plates and another on direct positive paper designed and cut for 120 film cameras. But unfortunately, Kickstarter backers haven’t heard anything from the company for a while. Despite the fact that I’m going to be reviewing the Hyper Speed 120 paper and I’ll most likely be getting some for free as a result, I personally backed the project simply because the analog photography world is something I believe in strongly. And like many of you, I was incredibly angry at their lack of responses and updates.

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