Night Paper: Matt Hill’s Black and White Portraits (NSFW)


All images by Matt Hill. Used with permission.

Photographer Matt Hill has been shooting for many years, and amongst many of the people closely involved to the marketing involved in the photo industry, they know him as a legend. While he’s a top notch marketer and one of the heads of the Night Photography Workshops in National Parks, he’s also an artist. For years he’s had a love of night photography. Art and photography was instilled in him from a young age.

For many involved in the Burlesque community, they’ll know that he is the mastermind behind the Night Paper project. For Matt, the idea was an amalgamation of various ideas from his past and his love of night photography. But on a more personal note, it was his way of coping with a rough divorce.

Matt talked to the site about how he combined his love of night photography with his love of cut paper.

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