The Panomicron: Building a Custom 93x24mm Panorama Camera

All images by Oscar Oweson. Used with permission.

“My camera, that I call the ‘Panomicron’ is a 35mm panoramic camera that shoots 93×24 negatives.” says photographer Oscar Oweson in an interview with us. “It can use any Mamiya Press lens but does not have any rangefinder, zone focus only (so the 100mm f2.8 might not be ideal).” The Panomicron is a Custom Made 93x24mm Panorama Camera. Like many of the newer generation of photographers out there, he wanted to play with a Hasselblad X Pan camera. However, they’re pretty expensive. So he built his own variation.

With a little bit of creative genius, Oscar created a camera that’s bound to get lots of photographers really excited.

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