First Impressions: PanoCatcher Loop 360 Photography Rig

Editor’s note: we’ve made a number of corrections here to the post.

With everyone seemingly trying to get into the world of 360 photography and video, there is no doubt a whole lot of disruption in the photography world right now. But if there is anything out there that really seems incredibly cool, then it’s probably the PanoCatcher Loop used to create what’s being called a PanoMoment. Being launched on Kickstarter today, the project is one that delivers a 360 panoramic experience that sort of combines a timelapse, 360 photography and the interactivity that caters so much to the viewers out there with the attention span of a cocaine addict seeing s fluffy squirrel run across a field. A PanoMoment captures a still moment in time and essentially lets you scrub back and forth the way you normally would in a 360 image. But as you do this, the moment in time changes. It’s not a movie file, but instead a bit more like a stop motion 360 image.

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