Two Photographers Capture Rare Photos of Two Comets In the Sky At the Same Time


Capturing one comet can sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience. But capturing two? Oh man! Two photographers (one in Chile and another in Australia) captured photos of Comet Pansstarrs and Comet Lemmon in the same shot.

One of the double-comet photos was taken by Yuri Beletsky, a Magellan Instrument Support Scientist at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. Beletsky  used a Canon 5D Mark II set to a 30 second long exposure on Feb. 28 to nail the shot. Astrophotographer Justin Tilbrook (who hails from Penwortham, South Australia) captured them on Feb. 17.

This is a super rare experience, and CNN is calling this the Year of the Comets.