Review: Panasonic 12mm f1.4 (Micro Four Thirds)

The Micro Four Thirds camera world has often been a major battle ground more than a collaboration: and that’s very evident with the release of the new Panasonic 12mm f1.4. For many years, Olympus has had the 12mm f2–a stellar lens in many ways that still remains so today. This was an owner’s only choice if they wanted a 24mm equivalent prime, but now Panasonic has an f1.4 option. On top of that, it has a working aperture ring, a nice build quality overall, fantastic image quality, and weather resistance built into the design. In many ways, it’s an excellent lens–and could probably be an essential piece of kit for every Micro four thirds camera user.

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The Panasonic 12mm f1.4 May be Perfect For Street Photography

Micro Four Thirds owners have previously only had the Olympus 12mm f2 lens offering; but now they’ve got yet another 24mm equivalent in the form of the Panasonic 12mm f1.4 lens. This is one of the company’s Leica branded pieces of glass and features a splash/dust-proof design. On the inside there are two aspherical lenses, two UED (Ultra Extra-Low Dispersion) lenses and an ED (Extra-Low Dispersion) lens working as 15 elements in 12 groups. Panasonic is also claiming better resolution through flare suppression with minimal ghosting too.

Additionally, the lens also has an aperture ring. No word on pricing yet; but knowing Panasonic don’t expect it to be cheap.

It should be something perfect for the street photographers out there.