Ultra Large Format: The Building an 11×14 Camera

01 - Final Camera - Red Anodized Coating

All images by Pali Kalsi. Used with permission.

“For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with photography. I can recall early memories from my childhood of me tinkering with my dad’s Yashica D camera and looking at the world through the camera’s lens on it’s ground glass.” says photographer Pali Kalsi. He’s recently finishing building his own original large format camera using an 11×14 negative space.

Pali, like many other photographers before him, loves to work with the ultra large format aspects. Smaller formats aren’t always so satisfying, but the larger you get in the format the more the process changes. Some photographers shoot for the process, while others shoot for the image.

In fact, that’s how Pali first started.

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