Sofia Monzerratt Shows Generational Split in Beautiful Conceptual Photos

“In a way, I could say that my photographic identity would be ‘the messenger,’ always eager to capture the meaning and the soul of whatever is in front of the camera,” explains photographer Sofia Monzerratt. She’s a professional filmmaker, but also shoots as a photographer. In fact, she does something that’s pretty rare. Not only is Sofia a street photographer, but she’s also a fine-art photographer. This is a rare blend of both being a creator and a documenter. In her project, Generations, she tackles the idea of everyone trying to fit into society in a very creative way.

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The Beautiful Work of the Folks Who Do Camera Customization

“I had no idea what it would lead to,” says Aaron Parke of Camerakote about the first time he attempted to customise his beloved Spotmatic with a new coat of paint. What started as a personal project to spruce up his camera has turned into something that has gotten him a steady stream of clients. He’s not the only one doing this in recent times. I spoke to three customisation experts specialising in giving old cameras a brand new look by overhauling their exterior. The personalisation possibilities are endless once you realise what these specialists are capable of doing to turn your beloved camera into a one-of-a-kind collectable. What’s amazing is that I contacted each of the three independently, but it turns out they’re all quite well connected with one another.

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“Plumes” Took A Lot of Experimentation And Careful Setup to Get “Almost Perfect”

All images by Andrei Duman. Used with permission.

“I think it is very important for a photographer to continue to be interested and curious about photography.” explains Andrei Duman about his project, Plumes. “For me, that means that although I may be known more as a travel/landscape/aerial photographer, I am still wanting to push myself and try something new. Stepping outside what you consider to be your comfort zone forces you to be uncomfortable which is when you have the greatest opportunity to learn.” Plumes is a bit of an experimentation that Andrei wanted to do in the studio. And believe it or not, the project ended up helping Andrei with his travel photography.

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Creating the Photograph: Nick Fancher’s “Black Light Portraits”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers about a photo that they shot and how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed on to you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Nick Fancher is a photographer that specializes in commercial, wedding and product photography. But when browsing through 500px, we found something of his that displays his more personal work. As artists, we often need to not just do the stuff that we do for pay, but we need to try to experiment and develop new ideas and skills. And when we read about how Nick achieved the photo above, we were quite interested.

Here’s Nick’s story.

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Nikon Repair Center Taiwan Can Make Your Nikon Lens Look Like Canon L Glass

Pictures via Nikon Repair Center blog

Pictures via Nikon Repair Center blog

If there’s one major advantage that Canon users have over Nikon users, it’s that they can buy that gorgeous looking white L glass. Nikon has nothing like that. In you face, Nikon! But here’s the good news for all Nikon fanboys: you can actually have your Nikon lenses in white, too! Nikon’s repair center in Taiwan is apparently capable of camouflaging your lens to look like Canon L glass. Whether it’s just because you envy Canon users, because you secretly wish you had opted for the D800 instead of the 5D Mk III in our contest, or because you’re attending a meeting of the anonymous Canonholics–those guys over in Taiwan will paint your lens white for the inconsiderable fee of US-$ 320. So why wait? You can be just as awesome as a Canonista!

Via Nikon Rumors