Most of My Paid Photography Jobs Have Come Through Twitter


All images by Nicholas Goodden. Used with permission.

Most of my paid photography jobs have come through social media and more precisely: Twitter. I’ve always loved photography, but then who doesn’t. After all we are all photographers. Find me one person who will say “nah…I don’t like photography, I don’t take photos”.

When I started shooting urban /street photography a little more seriously around 2008, all I thought about was, well, shooting. Looking back at the photos I took back then, I often cringe–yet it’s a valuable reminder of how far I’ve gone.

In 2010, when I realized that I was progressing and receiving encouraging feedback on Flickr, I thought to myself: “Right, it’s time to set up a home for my London photography” (a bit like going from having a market stall to owning a shop), and so my photography website was born.

Immediately then I opened a Twitter account and Facebook page to promote it.

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