Forgo Filters and Frills with Camera Noir, an Über-Minimalist B&W App

julius motal the phoblographer camera noir

The apps available for mobile photographers are seemingly endless, and the number filters and things within those apps are just as endless. Pacific Helm, a San Francisco-based design studio, decided to buck the trend of filter-laden camera apps by creating Camera Noir: an iOS app that takes black and white photos. You’re given two options, hi and lo contrast. That’s it. It offers a button that will enable you to share photos from your camera to your social network of choice. It lets you know that you’re shooting straight via a green level. A $2 price tag for such a simple thing may seem like a tall order for some, but it can take some fantastic photos. Granted, they are square cropped, but if you live in Instagram, you’ll be fine.

Via PetaPixel