Nikon Releases Firmware Update for Lower End DSLRs and P7700


If you’ve got a Nikon D5100, D5200, D3100, or D3200 as well as a P7700, then you’ve got some updating to do. But no, you’re not getting a massive firmware update. Instead, this one has to do with juice.

The new firmware update brings with it more accurate battery life readings in addition to the battery life performance being optimized to allow the user to get more from one charge.

In all honesty, Nikon didn’t need this. When we reviewed these cameras, we found the battery life to be incredible. But now it’s even better.

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Nikon Releases Firmware Updates For Older Cameras to Support the New 800mm


If you’re an owner of an older Nikon DSLR and refuse to upgrade, note that the company is helping you out in at least one way. First off, you’re getting a new firmware update today if you’re a D300, D300s, and D700 user. The firmware update details state, “Support for the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR has been added.”

Nikon is also giving a firmware update to their P7700 camera users. The fix has to do with the ISO being locked in at 80 when set to Auto ISO, the camera set to manual and a speedlight in the hot shoe. We’re not sure who exactly is doing this, but oh well!

All firmware updates are available at their according links in this piece.

Via Nikon Rumors

Nikon Announces The Nikon P7700 Camera For Enthusiasts

Nikon has announced the successor to their popular pro point and shoot camera the P7100. The camera features a similar 12mp sensor with a standard rating ISO up to 1600 with 3200 and 6400 available in special modes. The lens sports a 7.1x optical zoom which is a 35mm equivalent to 28-200 which is good enough for most purposes.

In a time where its getting tougher to be a standard point and shoot this is an interesting camera to announce. In a time where you could buy the incredible Sony RX100 for $150 more than this camera is there really a place for cameras now with small sensors?

Editor’s Note: The new camera is available for pre-order at B&H Photo.

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