This Double Exposure Was Done on Film With No Photoshop

Image by Ozan Mutlu Dursun. Used with permission.

“If you can, always try to use professional grade films like Kodak Portra and Kodak Ektar,” says photographer Ozan Mutlu Dursun about how he shot the unique double exposure image leading this post off. “They are pretty good in terms of tones and grain, and if you go medium format it’s only going to get better. It is a breeze to shoot with them.” Indeed, Ozan shot this one on film.

When most photographers do double exposure photographs, they bring them into Photoshop or certain apps to blend the layers together just right. That’s how you get so many of them that are very spectacular and tend to have patterns coming out from the person. It’s all about shapes. But with this photo, it was all about using text and overlays.

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