Oxford Declares the Word, “Selfie” as 2013 Word of the Year

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Selfies: we hate them as photographers; or at least we usually do. However, Oxford Dictionaries is stating that the word is now the word of the year. This news comes to us from a CBS story, who naturally thought that it was enough of a story to do a short video segment on it. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, the selfie involves taking a photo of oneself and believe it or not has been a lot more common than we really think. Famed photographer Vivian Maier actually did them quite often. It’s only now with the quick spreading abilities of the internet have they become so mainstream. But these days, they are often done with phones or dedicated cameras then uploaded to the user’s favorite sharing website.

Apparently, Oxford is stating that the usage of the word selfie wasn’t widespread until 2013–and I surely beg to differ considering that I grew up in the Myspace days when Tom was everyone’s friend. The selfie was all over Myspace and then spread to dating sites, then to Facebook, etc. Now, celebs do them all the time with females sometimes going scantily clad for fans to stare at.

CBS’s video is after the jump.

Thanks Chris from creativeLive for the tip!

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