This October: Let Me Teach You How to Shoot Better Photos

Hey everyone!

In October of this year, I’ll be part of a brand new tutorial workshop series called Out of New York. If you’ve heard of Out of Chicago, what this is is a new workshop series where you pay a fixed sum and get access to loads and loads of instructors for one weekend; and I’m one of them. Lindsay Adler, Rick Gerrity, Rick Sammon, RC Concepcion, Fred Van Johnson, Neil Van Niekerk, Gabe Biderman, and more will be teaching you everything about photography that you could possibly want.

Want to learn about honing your creative vision? Or landscapes? Or go on photowalks? Or portraits? The instructors can all help you.

You can register for the workshops here, and if you use the code “gampat100” you’ll get a special discount.