Oriental Seagull Gives Japan a Brand New Film


There are a couple of films that Japan gets that nowhere else in the world does (such as Fujifilm Natura) and today they’re getting yet another one. Oriental Seagull is getting a new 400 and 100 ISO black and white film according to Tokyo Camera Style.

According to their post “New Seagull 100 & New Seagull 400 will be available in Japan in 1, 3, and 10-roll packs from Feb. 24th, 2016. No word on a price or international availability yet.” It launches on the 24th in Japan.

And according to a translated press release, that’s what they’re actually being called. Said translation states essentially that films are appearing in the digital era, and that they have a “smooth gradation depiction of silver salt unique.”

I’m super curious to know how the results turn out, but all in all it’s even more exciting that we’ve got some new film!