Fujifilm and Panasonic Create an Organic Sensor with 14.6 Stops of Dynamic Range


This is absolutely insane! Panasonic and Fujifilm have co-developed a brand new organic CMOS image sensor. The idea of organic sensors have been around for a couple of years now, but this one is of particular interest because of Panasonic and Fujifilm’s standing in the market. The new sensor is said to boast 14.6 stops of dynamic range. They’re saying that this is 1.2x more sensitive than standard silicon sensors–and that they’re not using the typical silicon sensor method of construction but instead using organic photodiodes.

While it isn’t the graphene sensor that we reported on, it is still quite a leap forward. We just are wondering when we’ll see it in cameras. We’re also curious as to whether it means that Fujifilm may be abandoning the X Trans Sensor–we sure hope not!

Via SLR Lounge and the press release