Getty Releases Loads of Images For Free Use


Photo by Alfred Stieglitz. Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program

Editor’s Correction: This is actually the Getty Trust, not the agency. We apologize for the error.

In a very interesting move for a photo agency, Getty has recently decided to release over 4,000 images for absolutely free use: commercial or otherwise.Launched under their EDU interface, it is called the Open Content Program and they plan on releasing even more free images for use.

Of course though, there is one small stipulation, You need to give them correct citation: just like we did in the image above. This is great for students and small businesses, but we hope that it also helps to teach folks about proper citation usage and crediting people with the work that they’ve created.

We’re probably going to see loads and loads of this happen as many agencies can only hold onto images for a certain amount of time.

Via Pop Photo