Photographers Dating Models in the #metoo Era: Uncomfortable Truths and Possible Solutions

I was photographing one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen.

And she was into me… I could feel it. She was laughing at all my jokes, playing with her hair, biting her lip, and making nonstop eye contact. So I said “hey, we should grab a drink later on.” And she gave me a look I’ll never forget — the look of a woman that maybe just threw up in her mouth a little.

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The 37 Best Portrait Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Looking for new portrait photography inspiration on Instagram? ​Here are 37 accounts that consistently post interesting portrait photographs. They’re listed in no particular order, though Richard Avedon and Irving Penn go first because they’re the best… obviously! To follow ​the ones you like, just click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of each profile. If you have a good suggestion for this list, let us know. If I like what I see, I’ll add it!

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