Travel Centric Instant Film Cameras You’ll Want on Your Next Trip

Instant cameras will bring a new dimension to your travel work through a deeper connection to the craft of photography.

At first glance, looking at a print from an instant camera will stir judgements about the crummy colors, lack of sharpness, and the fact that the print is a one-off. But that would be far off base when thinking about instant photography. Creating with instant cameras is far deeper when you look below the surface. When creating with instant cameras you’ll experience a closer human connection, a genuine photographic print and way to connect with another human being that’s not social media. Creating with an instant camera is less an ego play and more an act of pure photography. Free yourself from the distractions of social media, the desire to spend hours in post, and practice your craft. You’ll become a better photographer by shooting with an instant. Here’s some solid choices when looking for instant cameras.

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Film Test Shows Greatly Improved New Polaroid Originals Color Films

Screenshot image from the video by The Science of Photography

If you were frustrated with the Impossible Project era films for Polaroid cameras, you’re definitely not alone. Alongside raves of the moody and retro look they created, these instant films were plagued with so many reports of failed photos and disappointing color renditions. Fans of instant photography and Polaroid cameras finally got their hopes up for better emulsions with the Polaroid Originals rebrand, and they were not disappointed. In an in-depth test by Cyrus Arthur for The Science of Photography, we get to see how big the improvements are for the new Polaroid Originals color films.

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