HTC One Marks The End Of The Megapickle Race

Photo courtesy of Gear Patrol

Photo courtesy of Gear Patrol

HTC has just unveiled their new HTC One smartphone that is equipped with all sorts of advanced components such as Qualcomm’s newest chipset, two gigs of RAM, and a 4.7-inch 1920×1080 resolution display. However, they forgot to put in a camera that would be on par with all the rest of the specs–or so it seems. The HTC One rocks a 4MP camera when most of the competition has at least 8MP, and even 41MP as seen on Nokia’s 808 PureView.

This “UltraPixel Camera” as HTC calls it may seem outdated on paper, but they claim that this camera is able to suck in 300% more light than most of the competition. This is made possible by a CMOS sensor, a 28mm f/2.0 lens with optical image stabilization, and some modern science. Turns out there is much more to cameras than the number of megapixels. The science behind ultrapixels that makes it viable is that with ultrapixels, image quality depends on the size of the pixels themselves, rather than the amount of pixels to form the image. By using larger pixels to collect light, the HTC One should technically be able to perform better in low light situations and produce clearer and brighter images.


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Red Didn’t Just Drop Prices, They Cut Them in Half

I know the average visitor of this site isn’t a RED user but the newly announced prices at least deserve your attention. For example the camera in the above image is the RED ONE MX, it was the first RED of its kind and it saw a drop to $4,000 down from…$25,000.

The other cameras follow:

  • RED EPIC-X: $34,500 down to $19,000
  • RED EPIC-M (Monochrome): $39,500 down to $24,000
  • RED SCARLET: $9,700 down to $7,950
  • Battle Tested (BT) RED ONE MX: $25,000 down to $4,000

This is a big deal for those of us who were considering the last deal on the SCARLET. Now that the RED ONE is approaching Black Magic Cinema Camera territory we will surely give it a good look. This will surely shake up some rental houses but in the end it’s a great push to get better gear into the hands of talented people who can’t realistically afford it. The RED cameras do require a lot of add on gear to make them functional rigs but this is a great start.

Read the official post here from RED’s Jannard about the price drop.