Geert Broertjes: Documenting Love and Loss in “One Year”

In his deeply emotional photo book, Geert Broertjes shows us how photography makes for a powerful tool not only for storytelling but also for coping with loss and grief.

“If it’s personal you can’t do anything wrong. It’s your way of dealing with life. That is different for everyone, so there is no right or wrong,” said Amsterdam-based Geert Broertjes on what guided him as he put together One Year, a poetic visual story about love, loss, and grief. In just a span of the titular year, he lost the most important women in his life: his aunt, grandmother, and mother passed away. Months following his mother’s passing saw the end of his intense relationship with his girlfriend, with whom he shared his grief. Such powerful themes, indeed, can only be guided by the deeply personal. This, Broertjes chose to carry out by shooting in raw black and white film photos.

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NASA Puts Together Video of Curiosity Rover’s First Year on Mars; Featuring Images it Shot


The Curiosity Rover has been on Mars for one year now, and to celebrate the event NASA put together a video showcasing loads of photos that it has shot and beamed back to Earth. NASA’s cameras aren’t very high resolution–or at least they aren’t by today’s standards. Additionally, information transferring via wireless connections would otherwise take even longer if they had to beam over 20MP images. And as a result, all of the images are in a format equivalent to standard definition.

It even captured a crazy 360 panorama of its surroundings while over there, which was stitched together by the company.

The commemoration video is after the jump.

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