ONA Announces the New Black Collection Camera Bags

The Black Collection Lifestyle

Today, ONA is announcing a brand new addition to their lineup of bags–sort of.

It’s called the Black collection, and it features bags which are, well, black. It includes a Nylon version of both the Brixton and the Camps Bay, but also includes the launch of a brand new bag called the Hamilton. The latter is the company’s first roller bag and is designed to hold lots of gear like a DSLR, lights, lenses, etc. All of the bags are characterized by ballistic Nylon, Italian leather accents, and gunmetal brass hardware. They’re also seemingly more affordable than their predecessors.

For the most part, both the Brixton and the Camps Bay are still the same, but with a special new design involving Nylon. More details on the ONA Black Collection are after the jump.

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