4 Ways for a Portrait Photographer to Get a Different Look

The modern world of portrait photography is very sterile. Modern photographers often shoot with cameras and lenses that get rid of all the fun. And then a portrait photographer often needs to spend hours grinding away in post-production to get what they want. But seriously, you don’t have to do it. Want that cool vintage lens flare? Or what about just a softer look. Well lucky for you, we dove into our reviews index to find a bunch of great products from Lensbaby. It will give you the extra clove and bergamot that your photography has been lacking.

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Mark Sapp’s Omni is Surreal Photo Creativity


All images by Mark Sapp. Used with permission.

Photographer Mark Joven Sapp is a photographer living in central Florida. He started as a photographer at Walt Disney World and then transitioned into shooting his own stuff on the side. For Mark, it was all about creativity and expression. “I’ve been shooting for about a year and a half now and my photography has let me travel some of the east coast as well as the midwest. My portfolio is broad in genre but I specialize in surreal photo manipulations.” says Mark about his work.

We were attracted to a specific project of his called Omni; which started partially due to a photography course that he’s taking. However, as Mark tells us, Phlearn’s Aaron Nace inspired him quite a bit.

Be sure to check out more of his work on FacebookFlickrTumblr, and Instagram.

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