Review: Tap and Dye Legacy Camera Neck/Shoulder Strap 44″

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tap and Dye Large Legacy strap (5 of 7)ISO 2001-125 sec at f - 3.2

We previously reviewed the Tap and Dye Legacy Wrist Strap, and though we had some complaints about it the strap overall is still quite an excellent and well designed piece of functional swag. But despite how good the strap was, we still had an affinity for a full length strap for mirrorless cameras. We purchased the company’s Legacy Shoulder/Neck camera strap in the 44″ size, and after some wrestling with the strap, we were able to mount it onto the Olympus OMD EM5. Justin, the strap’s creator and the company’s owner, crafts them in NYC and delivers each strap in their own special cloth case.

But everything from there on is reminiscent of a love story.

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